Kinetic Insight Pro is a revolutionary solution that has been specifically designed to allow deliverers of sport and physical activity programmes to meticulously manage, monitor and evidence every element of the programmes that they deliver and capture participation data in a manner that is fast, simple, and not intrusive to session delivery.




Participant Demographic and Activity Profiles Managed
Sport and Physical Activity Sessions Delivered Each Week
Instances of Physical Activity Participation Recorded
Venues, Parks, and open spaces monitored and managed.


Capturing accurate participation data is of paramount importance when delivering sport and physical activity sessions. This data provides a crucial understanding of participant demographics and provides insight that helps our clients make informed choices on all elements of service delivery. The problem is that traditional forms of data collection have always been far too intrusive to the delivery of the session, which frustrates both the participant and the deliverer.

The Kinetic Insight Pro Mobile and Tablet Applications eliminate these frustrations by providing a data collection tool that utilises contactless technology to collect data in a manner that is fast, simple to understand, and doesn’t impact on the delivery of the session. All participants are provided with a unique NFC membership card or key fob that allows them to arrive at any physical activity session and simply touch the card or fob onto a tablet computer to register their attendance. That’s it. No forms to fill in, and no time wasting


Capture rich participation and demographic data by utilising the latest contactless technology. Participants are provided with a contactless membership card or key fob that allows them to arrive at any sport or physical activity session that is delivered via Kinetic Insight Pro and simply tap to register their attendance.

Using contactless technology in this way significantly improves the customer experience and the overall security of the personal data that is collected. What’s more, because your participants are registered much quicker, it means that the collection of participation and demographic data isn’t intrusive to the delivery of your sessions.

Sport and physical activity sessions are delivered in a variety of different locations where access to the internet can never be guaranteed, which is why our Deliverer App was designed without access to the internet. Participation and demographic data can be captured throughout the day across multiple sessions, and all of this data can be synced securely to our database the next time the deliverer has access to the internet.
Participants can be asked to stipulate how frequently they are currently participating in physical activity during the initial registration process, and this data is stored within our database for comparative analysis.

Participants can also be asked to respond to customisable questions or statements that are shown on the deliverer app when they tap their contactless membership card or key fob. This allows our clients to evidence outcomes and gather feedback for their physical activity programmes.

The Kinetic Insight Pro deliverer application provides your deliverers with all of the tools required to deliver their sessions efficiently in a safe environment. The deliverer applications allow:

  • Register participants manually if they have forgotten their membership card or key fob

  • View the names of all participants registered at a session 

  • View the emergency contact details of members in the event of an emergency

  • Create accident reports 


Managing sport and physical activity programmes is a difficult task that poses significant challenges for organisations of any size. The Kinetic Insight Pro Web Portal was developed to alleviate these challenges and empower programme administrators by allowing them to control and oversee every aspect of service delivery via a simple and intuitive online interface.


Manage all elements of your physical activity programmes. Here’s a sample of what Kinetic Insight Pro offers:

  • Programmes, campaigns, and sessions

  • Member demographic and activity profiles

  • Instructor profiles, availability, qualifications, and appraisals

  • Venue profiles, occupancy, and access restrictions

  • Timetables and schedules

  • Funders, funding streams and KPIs

  • Member communications and questionnaires

  • Bookings and session availability 

  • And much, much, more.

The data that is captured via the Kinetic Insight Pro Deliverer Application is available the instant that the data is synchronised at the end of a session. This means that you are able to review the real time performance of all elements of your physical activity programmes on demand 365 days a year. 

Our suite of reports include a comprehensive breakdown of participant demographic data including gender, ethnicity, age, and geographic ward across all programmes, campaigns, sessions types and individual session instances. In addition, our participant retention summaries provide a high level overview of participation trends across all sessions.

The Kinetic Insight Pro Admin Web Portal provides all of the tools that are you require to evidence the effectiveness and demonstrate the impact of your sport and physical activity programmes. These tools have been created in partnership with UKActive who utilise our questionnaire and periodic question tools to evidence the impact of the national ParkLives programme using the Sport England Evaluation Framework.


“With over 75 Active Lifestyle Sessions delivered each week, Kinetic Insight Pro allows us to manage the performance of our programme at the touch of a button and is essential for the professional, smooth and efficient running of our programme across the City of Manchester.”

Craig Abel, Manchester City Council


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